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Affordable Wedding Package Prices

Affordable Wedding Package Prices

Hello, my name is Daryl Lunn. I am operator of DP Lunn Studios. I have been in Videography for more than 12 years
and have a passion for creating a unique story for every client.

A visual keepsake that will be cherished for you and your family for years to come.

We are easy to work with & take special requests whenever possible.

Our unique 2 camera Cinematic Style will give a professional & elegant presentation to your special day.

Please email or call us if you have any
questions. We are here to serve you in creating the best possible visual keepsake you could ever own.

All footage at any event is shot in High Definition video with state of the art HD video cameras
and the latest video editing software.

Wedding Packages Available

The Big Show:  $1200.00
The Big Show offers a definite bang for your buck. Cinema Style Ceremony (Both Bride & Groom angles viewed) & 4 hours of On-Site coverage.
  •   4 hours On-Site Video coverage for Full Ceremony & Reception (Professionally edited with Title & Scene Intro's)
  •   2 Professional HD Cameras for the complete ceremony (Unique Cinema Style Bride & Groom angles viewed)
  •   1 Professional HD Camera for Reception Events & formal dances
  •   2 Audio sources to capture every spoken word
  •   Standard Movie Intro with Wedding Party photos (music overlay)
  •   5 completed DVDs approximately 45-55 minutes in length (with automatic scene chapters)
  •   White leather bound keepsake DVD case 
  •   My attendance of rehearsal for pre-planning
  •  Refer the list at bottom of page for all Standard Practice coverage with all Wedding Packages
      *** Add Extra On-Site Hours at 80.00 per hour
      *** Add Guest On-Camera Best Wishes & Messages for $100.00

  The Grand Event: $1600.00
The The Grand Event is truly in a class of it own. You get 6 hours of on-location video coverage time
2 videographers for Full Ceremony, Reception & Prep Time.
On camera Messages & Best Wishes from Family & Guests.
8 completed DVDs
Professional Movie Style Intro with on-screen credits
Package Details Below

  •    6 hours On-Site Video coverage for Prep-Time, Ceremony & Reception (Professionally edited with Scene Intro's
  •   2 Professional HD Cameras & for the complete ceremony
  •   1 Professional HD Cameras & for Reception Events
  •   3 Audio sources to capture every spoken word
  •   On Camera Messages & Best Wishes Segment from family & guests
  •   Professional Movie Style Intro Opener with Wedding Party screen credits & music overlay
  •   Up to 8 completed DVDs approximately 45 minutes to 55 minutes in length (Auto Scene Chapters Included)
  •   60 different DVD cover designs to choose from
  •   My attendance of rehearsal for pre-planning
  •   Refer the list at bottom of page for all Standard Practice coverage with all Wedding Packages
  •  *** Add Realistic Epic Movie Teaser Trailer for $75.00

Epic Motion Picture:  $2475.00

The Epic Motion Picture is a spectacular Full Production Cinematic experience.
Unlimited Hours On-Site Coverage with Videographers (We are at your disposal All Day).

You also have with this package 3 cameras during your Ceremony- 3 points of angle.
A Photo Shoot Highlight Segment using footage, photos & your favorite music.
Movie Style Opener
with Wedding Party & Parents as the cast,
Movie Style Closer
complete with rolling credits on attending guests names.
Package Details Below


  •   Unlimited Hours On-Site Video coverage for Prep-Time, Ceremony & Reception (Professionally edited with Titles & Scene Intro's
  •   3 Professional HD Cameras for the complete Ceremony (3 alternate angles viewed)
  •   2 Professional HD Cameras for Reception (Alternate angles for toasts, speeches etc)
  •   4 Audio sources to capture every spoken word
  •   We use our 16 foot camera crane for wide angle overhead footage of the venue (Inside & Outside if space permits)
  •   Professional Movie Style Opener with Wedding Party featured credits & music overlay
  •   Professional Movie Style Closer with Wedding Party, Parents & Guests attended On-Screen rolling credits
  •   Highlight music video of the day (4-5 mins) Ready in 5 days
  •   Rehearsal Footage Segment shown during closing credits
  •   Complete coverage of your Wedding Photo shoot (footage & photos montage) (with music overlay)
  •   On Camera Best Wishes & Personal Messages Segment from family & guests
  •   Up to 12 completed DVDs (45 mins to 55 mins in length)
  100 different DVD covers to choose from  

***Add "Love Story" $200.00 - (Bride/Groom narration during movie opening segment)

                 ***Add 125.00 Interactive On-Screen DVD Menu & Scene Selections 


The list below is Standard Practice coverage with all Wedding Packages

Exterior and Interior shots of the Church/Wedding Location
Entire Ceremony
Newlyweds leaving the Church/Location
Introduction of the Wedding Party &
Arrival of the Newlyweds at start Reception
Newlyweds First Dance
Parents Dance
Cutting of the Cake
Champagne Toast
Tossing the Bouquet
Throwing the Garter
Various Dance coverage


Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Birthday Package: $399.00
         For Sweet 16 Birthday Party's you receive:

  • Up to 3 hours with a Videographer on-site taking free flow & planned moments with state of the art HD Professional Video Camera.
  • We will Custom Theme your video to the same Theme of your Birthday Party.
  • Included within the video will be Music Video Style Highlights throughout, your choice of music.
  • We will even add up to 25 photos to the video from baby to teen & incorporate the pics throughout the video or a contained slide show within the movie. (Optional)
  • Finished DVD will be a Professionally edited update & emotional birthday story with Interactive On-Screen DVD Menus & your choice of music.
  • Includes Professional Graphics Show Opener & Scene Titles.
  • You receive 3 DVD's each in its own case with Custom Made DVD cover containing your pictures.
  • Quinceanera prices may be higher since they require much longer video time. Please call or email for prices

Your final product will last a lifetime & as you know, you are only be 16 once!

CALL: 615-598-3411 ANYTIME
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